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Whole-wheat Loaf Walnut bread *
Salsa Bread Rosemary- Sundried Tomato Bread *
Banana Walnut Bread * Masala Bread
Bajri Bread * Paneer n Pepper Bread *
Mix grain bread Pitta Bread
Pizza Base Potato n Cheese Bread
Nagli bread * Garlic Bread
Ginger Herb Bread Spinach Cinnamon Bread
Focassia Corn Bread
Burger Buns French Loaf *
Lavash Pitta Crispies
Onion Relish  
* Made to Order  
Corn Relish
Pepper Mash
Thousand Island
Onion Relish
Sundried Tomato Paste
Apple n Cinnamon
Chilly Garlic Indian Style
Herb Spread Green Chutney
Only at Indulgence

Pitta CrispiesBasil n Pesto BreadLavashKulcha

Wholewheat PaniniOlive n Rosemary BreadPotato n Cheese BreadBurger Buns

Pizza base Salsa Bread

Onion RelishHummus
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Burger Buns

Masala Toast

Regular Loaf

Assorted Bread Platter


Corn Bread

Basil Pesto Bread

Salsa n Chees Bread


Pitta Crispies

Pitta Crispies with Hummus
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